When Love Comes








When love comes

It smacks you in the face like a snowball.

Your palms get moist, and your throat goes dry.

When love comes, you’ll trek a thousand miles

Just to watch the light dancing in her eyes.

When love comes, you’ll walk arm in arm and feel

As though your feet had never touched the ground.

When love comes, you’ll look up at the night sky

And think the stars came out for the first time.

When love comes, you’ll stay up all night, talking,

And somehow you won’t be tired the next day.

When love comes, full moons grow fuller still,

Clouds puff softer, and skies glow bluer hues.

When love arrives you’ll become a braver man,

Yet you’ll be scared to death of losing her.

When love comes, you’ll take her to the ballet.

And the symphony. And the opera.

And you won’t even think to check your phone

For the scores of all the games you’re missing.

When love comes . . . it changes everything.

Written originally for Diana & Aaron, November 14, 2015
As for this delicious coffee and granola, we enjoyed it at the Ground coffee shop in Hood River, Oregon


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