Coffee – My Gateway Drug

 By Warren Holleman

IMG_0401I’m on vacation this week, so in lieu of the normal Wednesday post, I’m introducing a new “Morning Coffee, Afternoon Tea” feature.

One of the keys to reducing stress and achieving work-life balance–at least for me–is taking the time to enjoy a good cup of coffee. When I stop to drink my morning coffee, I slow down, reflect, and appreciate.

I appreciate pleasant aromas and rich flavors. I appreciate my morning, being alive, my many blessings, and the people in my life.

SoIMG_0402 (1)metimes I enjoy coffee among the company of others. Other times I revel in quiet solitude.

You might say that coffee is a gateway drug. To the “hard” stuff, like meditation, contemplation, relaxation. Which in turn are gates to gratitude, joy, friendship.

Whenever I pass through San Antonio–as I did today–I make a stop at Local Coffee on Broadway. I love their coffee, and also their philosophy–supporting local farmers.

What are your gateway drugs? And, who serves the best coffee in San Antonio?



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